Create a personal marketing launch plan for an academic article

Act as a science communicator. In one month a new article I've written in Science is published. The article has the title "Cognitive Horizons: Unleashing the Synergy of AI and Digital Technologies". I will include an abstract below. Please develop a personal communications plan  in a table format for me, using the 4Ms framework as columns and adding a column for timing. The aim is to help me publicise this paper and increase its impact.

Abstract: This paper explores the symbiotic relationship between artificial intelligence (AI) and digital technologies, envisioning a future where their combined potential revolutionizes multiple industries. By seamlessly integrating AI algorithms and digital infrastructures, novel possibilities emerge for advanced data analytics, intelligent automation, and transformative human-machine interactions. This publication delves into the promising landscape of cognitive horizons, shedding light on the innovative applications and ethical considerations that arise from the convergence of AI and digital technologies. Through interdisciplinary research and case studies, we examine the profound impact of this synergy and its implications for the future of technology-driven societies.